About 4x

Who we are

Our story, so far.

Located in Europe’s leading robotics hub, Odense, Denmark, 4XROBOTS has developed the world’s first 4-armed collaborative delta robot.

Designed for modern production environments, our robot aims to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

The initial idea for the robot was conceived in Aalborg, Denmark, where the project has been evolving over the past decade.

4XROBOTS was founded in 2021, with the ambition to further advance the development of the robot.

Now, in 2024, we are excited to launch our robot to the market.

Vision & mission

Our mission is to deliver innovative robots that ensure a consistent workflow, maximizing productivity.

Our vision is to unlock the full potential of production through automation, enhancing efficiency and empowering a focus on high-value tasks.

Meet our founders

Jacob Braa Sørensen

Co-founder & Board member @ 4XROBOTS

Besides his function at 4X, he’s Co-owner of Staal & Plast, a global leading supplier of ebb and flow irrigation trays for the horticulture industry.

Jacob has +20 years of experience from the horticulture industry, and provides great insight and knowledge from the automation and production industry.

Michael Møller Nielsen

Co-founder & CEO @ 4XROBOTS.

Michael founded N.P-Stål in 2009. The company experienced solid growth, expanding from 2 to 40 employees with Michael as CEO.

Michael contributes with +20 years of expertise within production, sourcing and management.

Kim Rasmussen

Co-founder & CCO @ 4XROBOTS

Kim has a +20 year track record within sales, marketing, and supply chain, counting executive roles within large automation, pharm and energy companies like Rockwell Automation, Novo Nordisk and NRGI.

Kim has +15 years of board experience from various companies, both national and international.

Martin Fredsted From

Co-founder & board member @ 4XROBOTS

Martin Fredsted From is former co-owner of From Minkfarm ApS, that bred minks and produced 60.000 mink pelts annually. The production was forced shut due to the covid 19 pandemic in 2020.

Martin is very skilled in business management, personnel handling, and organizational structures.