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Built for collaborative speed,
designed for extended workspace.

Unlock collaborative power in your production environment, tailored to Pick & Place applications.

Maximize efficiency and productivity with the highest collaborative speed on the market and enhanced mechanical reach.

400% faster than other collaborative robots.

Collaborative speed up to 1.000 mm/s while enabling collaborative applications simplifying safety measures and risk assesment.

The combination of high speed and collaborative features makes the robot applicable for quality driven Pick & Place applications.

News from 4X
  • Exhibition

    4XROBOTS are attending Cultivate’24 in July 2024

  • Exhibition

    4XROBOTS are attending GreenTech 2024

  • Exhibition

    4XROBOTS are attending DIRA Business & Robotbrag 2024

  • Article

    Ny dansk firearmet robot planter stiklinger i turbofart

  • Article

    Robotvirksomhed vil være 100 ansatte om fem år

  • Article

    Robotvirksomhed vil være 100 ansatte om fem år

Lowering the entry-barrier
for automation.

Our robotic solution requires minimal setup, lowering entry costs and providing a faster return on investment.

Making it ideal for businesses seeking automation with reduced complexity and cost.



Effortless and intuitive


Easy integration of cameras

Robot controls

4X-interface via tablet


Stand-alone or part of production line

Processed food

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